I'm a programmer and so can you!

It's okay to be a programmer -- it really is. No matter how many posts on HN advocate leaving your job and starting a new career as an entrepreneur, it's really okay to stop and think, "I like programming, I don't mind doing it for someone else, and I'm happy to keep doing it."

There's no shame in being a programmer, certainly. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be doing it. It's become the fad recently to look down on programmers, especially by those of us "doing our own thing," as if entrepreneurs are somehow better for trying something new. Well, I probably don't have to back this up with numbers, but most entrepreneurs are destined to fail. Is that better or worse than having security doing something you enjoy?

There's a lot of ways to become wealthy as a programmer. You could, for example:
  • join a startup at an early stage
  • consult for obscene amounts of money
  • be a programmer and be paid a programmer's salary
You might not be fabulously wealthy and written about in magazines, but you could do extremely well. If you play your cards right, you might retire early to a farm and take up animal husbandry. Is that better or worse than creating businesses that never go anywhere? The answer is neither. It's just different, and that's okay.